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- How to purchase images

To be able to purchase images online you must have registered and your account must be set up with the appropriate permissions. Please contact IberpressNews if you have no download permissions. In order to register click the 'Login' button in the top menu bar followed by register new account in the sign on page. When you have filled in your registration details tick the box at the bottom of the form to apply for download permissions.
(a)If you wish download images click the 'cart' button. This button appears when viewing images on the search results page and the features page.
(b)When you are ready to purchase the images you have chosen click 'Proceed to check out' in the menu bar at the top of your current order box. You are now in the 'current order' page. At any time during the process you can click the button to remove an image from your order.
(c)In order for Iberpress news staff to arrive at a price for using an image we ask you to fill in details of how you intend to use the image (i.e. the size, territory, language editions and print run) using the email box below of each image. A member of staff will contact you to agree a price as soon as your order is completed. Please always read the usage restrictions of every image.

- Search tips

Keyword search
All images on this site have keywords attached that can be used to help find images. All keywords are dynamic.

How to Carry out a search
To conduct a search enter the relevant word or words in the quick search box in the top menu bar. To narrow your search use the 'search within results' box on the search results page. If you use a singular word to search and do not get many results, try using the plural.